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Paella Mixta (2P)

Minimum order is for 2 people, seafood and meat paella

Fabada Asturiana

White bean (fabes) stew, original of asturias, with chorizo, jamón and morcilla. Offered on Saturdays only


Anchovies in olive oil and whited anchovy fillets in sunflower oil over manchego cheese

Entrecote De Angus

Certified porterhouse sirloin angus steak

Calamares Fritos

Albondigas Con Patatas

Meatballs in tomato, wine sauce with potatoes

Fabada Asturiana: A Spanish Delicacy

Fabada Asturiana: A Spanish Delicacy
Indulge in authentic fabada asturiana, a hearty Spanish bean stew. Savor the rich flavors of chorizo, morcilla, and pork belly simmered to perfection. This traditional Asturian dish is a must-try for food enthusiasts. Experience the true taste of Spain at our restaurant.

Fabada Asturiana: Order for Pickup or Delivery

Fabada Asturiana: Order for Pickup or Delivery
Satisfy your craving for fabada asturiana with our convenient pickup or delivery options. Enjoy this hearty Spanish dish made with tender white beans, chorizo, and morcilla from the comfort of your home. Order now and savor the authentic flavors of Asturias without leaving your doorstep.

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